i am…

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

i am the one who never wants to define himself. that is entirely bullshit. knowing myself is one great adventure because in the end, you will realize that you have been a stranger to yourself all along.

so ok, as i stare at my open window(or my girlfriend’s rather) i would think. who the heck am i? simple. i am just just a little guy who is out to prove myself. I am strong yet i am weak. you would see me walking head high with little fast steps. i do not like people to stare at me. it is entirely rude. i love my friends but i adore my soulmate. yes, i’ve met her. she is mine. for a while. i am eternally grateful for she has helped me know who the real me is. i am crazy, i know, there is no one like me. i love myself. i respect myself so you better respect me. i hate drifters. i hate people who pretend to be smart. shut your mouth. i am a natural born artist. i am me

now that i almost drop myself to unknown, i always put to consideration those non-sensible things that pass my way. exactly. these things may be abominable in cognizant to non-existent. inspite of transcendental love that may have been co-existing between us, there is still the liver that would dictate a freaking malice towards what i feel. grrrr… this  isn’t good.


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