Exploring Ideas Before Writing

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Few days ago, I read an article how to attack the so-called “writer’s block. Incidentally, the lessons in my writing class is focused on how to explore ideas and come up with a topic. The article gives techniques and strategies how to exhaust all means so that later on you can create your own writing topic and freely write without difficulty.

Here are the techniques suggested by the article:

1. Interview yourself – Ask yourself questions like “What activities you are most interested with?”, “What subjects arouse your curiosity? or “To whom you want to speak with what topic?” Write down your answers in a sheet of paper then identify which of these answers can lead you to a better writing topic.

2. Freewriting – This I would say is my most favorite technique. I have done this a lot of times with my students and they just love to swing their pens on top of the paper without caring for the grammar, spelling, punctuation and even sense in their writing. Keeping a timer with you, you can have you hand do the work, non-stop, and letting you pour down words and sentences in your paper for, let us say, one minute. Then from this activity you get the most sensible idea and have it as your topic.

more to come…


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