This is the comeback!

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been a while from this page for quite a long time. I do not know exactly how I decided to end and take a rest but for sure my comeback was made because of a sudden request. I don’t have supporters here or fans. My skills I now are getting into pieces and I need it so pretty bad to put them to puzzle again. I have been distracted, maybe by the demands what this new environment has been offering me. I got no guts to show assertion. I just have to go with the flow.

This past few months that I’ve been for a while was dedicated so solely to the people whom I considered promising. Promising because they are those people whom I know can move mountains and rock oceans, but they were never given the opportunity and the necessary amount of preparation and power to do so. In fact I am wondering how this came to be because all I know, they came from what should be the very basic of all.

Enough blabbering

This come back is dedicated to my students whom I considered to be the greatest masterpiece I am still working on. I believe in them, and I pray that God will enlighten other teachers who do not consider them that way. They could become somebody if these teachers would just consider them to be.

Enough blabbering Part II

Last night I dreamed about me getting a haircut from someone I do not know. Of course, our dreams will provide us with random people and then put them as characters in your blurry and cliff-hanging dreams. I did not expect that that dream will be remembered because I thought that was just so ordinary and…random. But I tried to google what does that dream mean. I was getting a haircut and suddenly by accident or whatever, the person gave me a skinhead look that of course stun every person who knows that I just wear a 3-inch hairstyle. Never was, the interpretation given to me was: “You are in great dilemma. This is the time when you feel so low and unworthy.” After all these years? I never imagined that I will feel this way. I have been blessed with a very loving family and I am firmly believing that they love me so much. I have friends who treat me just like their little brother or older, for that matter, and I never felt betrayed by someone. Well, maybe they do but I am just so innocent about what betrayal means. I am vulgar and upright when I deal with my friends. I speak my mind and I know how crooked my ideas were, they respect that. I got a job and I am loving it. That was I guess the greatest thing I should be proud of – the love for my work. It feels like I am breeding a new set of company owners, business tycoons, dignified public servants, dedicated teachers and compassionate nurses. Very reassuring! And why does this dream would be interpreted that way? Is it a warning sign or the deepest analysis of what my being is all about? Whatever that would be, God is watching over me. I know that!

So let us end up with the latest news I got. Someone has a big time secret, and I am lucky I know about that. Is it an advantage to know that? or it is just another illusion so that I can see things clearly. My mind wanders about the truth behind it but it speaks so strong. I can’t hold my breath to undermine what does that secret would want to tell me. Ahhh….I know, I should moderate my alcohol so that I would not end up revealing my secrets like her.


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