Course Code COM 002
Course Title Campus Journalism
Time Allotment 54 hours per semester/18 weeks
Credit Units 3 units
Pre-requisite ENG 012
Course Schedule WTH (9:00 AM-10:30AM) ML 251
Instructor Mr. Jessie L. Labiste Jr.
Office 3F/ Room 364 ML Bldg.
Consultation Hours Every Mondays and Tuesdays (9:00AM-10:30AM)
Contact Information Mobile No: 09273301970

Course Description
COM 002 is an interactive writing course designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills in writing journalistic articles. This also includes concepts and ideas on how to manage a campus paper intended for future language teachers.

Course Objectives
This course aims to make students: to different types of journalistic writings, specifically to news, editorials, features, sports writing and to copy reading and headline writing as well as basic photojournalism and lay-outing;
2.improve the ability of students to write in the different journalistic writings;
3.examine the purposes, successes, and failures of the mass media in the form of arts of graphics, photography and layout;
4.acquire the poise and confidence that comes from meeting and interviewing people as well as in expressing opinions, stating straightforward facts and creative discourse; confidence and mastery of performance skills for varying communication situations; and
6.develop journalistic articles for publication in local or school paper.


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