1. Course Description
    ENG 014 is a course involving intensive study of structure, usage, and vocabulary of English as a necessary prelude to effective writing. Emphasis is placed on development of paragraphs to communicate ideas in short papers. Students are encouraged to exercise critical thinking and clear, correct language in their written communications.
  2. Credits and Number of hours per week
    3 units             3hours per week; 1.5 hours per meeting
  3. Course Objectives:
    At the end of the course , the students should be able to:

    1. write polished and effective short reports utilizing multiple writing processes: prewriting, generating ideas, developing specific details and support, organizing, revising, editing and proofreading;
    2. master the conventions of standard grammar, usage, and style appropriate to college level;
    3. master the writing of summaries with cohesive paragraphs that contain a topic sentence, supporting details, transitions and a concluding sentence;
    4. write about reading material from the text, supplemented by readings from other books and periodicals;
    5. write essays that include introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, and concluding paragraph;
    6. practice critical interpretation — analytical thinking in written forms.
    7. compose a short research paper
  4. Grading Plan

  • Writing assignments                                                   35 %
    (Written output per major topics- descriptive, narrative, persuasive, informative, rhetorical analysis, etc.)
  • Participation                                                               25 %
    (In-class writing exercises, text exercises, spelling activities, documentation practices, paraphrases, summaries, etc.)
  • Graded assignments and readings                            10 %
    (Journal entries, reactions to articles, reflective writings, homework etc.)
  1. Major examinations                                                   30 %

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