1. Course Description
    This subject is designed to let Elementary and High School teachers develop awareness and appreciation of the most outstanding mythologies and folklores of the world as well as learn the fundamentals of folk story telling so they may be varied in the subject matter and techniques of teaching the myth and folklore to their students in the future.
  2. Credits and Number of hours per week
    3 units             3hours per week; 1.5 hours per meeting
  3. Course Objectives:
    At the end of the course , the students should be able to:

    1. identify the different myths and folklores of countries;
    2. explain how myths and folklores are important to the culture of the people;
    3. story tell the different myths and folklore;
    4. appreciate literature, most especially mythology and folklore;
    5. be aware of the literary forms of myths and folklores;
    6. dramatize some mythological stories and folklores;
    7. view films related to the literary pieces discussed
    8. make graphic organizers as tools in storytelling;
    9. enumerate the different styles utilized by a storyteller;
    10. create picture stories for students of one of the schools in the adopted barangay; and
    11. utilize the internet for myths and folklore stories.
  1. IV. Course Requirements and Grading System
    1. Active involvement in class participation              15 %
    2. Quizzes                                                                                   10 %
    3. Graded assignments and readings                             20 %
    4. Oral and written reports                                                25 %
    5. Major examinations                                                        30 %

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