Course Description

This course is designed to provide students a conceptual foundation and functional skills in research so that they will be able to apply the concepts, principles, methods, techniques and tools of research in preparing a research proposal, evaluating research reports and undertaking a research project in line with their field of study – Nursing.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, the student is expected to demonstrate the following course outcomes:

  1. Formulate a research problem that is significant and clearly stated.
  2. Present a review of the literature and related studies that are relevant to the problem.
  3. Formulate a conceptual framework of the proposed study.
  4. Present a theoretical framework used in the proposed study.
  5. Present a research design for proposed research.
  6. Explain the intended procedures for gathering, organizing, interpreting, and analyzing data.
  7. Formulate a valid data gathering instrument pertinent to the problem being studied.
  8. Present a research proposal for critiquing and evaluation.
  9. Apply standards and criteria for reading and writing research reports.

Course Requirements and Grading System

  1. Active involvement in class participation                                   10%
  2. Graded assignments and exercises                                                  10%
  3. Major examinations                                                                               30%

Pre-lims                  5%
Mid-term                10%
Pre-final                 5%
Final                        10%

  1. Presentation and submission of a research proposal             50%

Focus and Purpose               15%
(Focuses on a clearly-stated thesis,
starting from a well-framed
question; gives complete citations)

Organization                          15%
(Presents information (RRL) in
logical order; emphasizing details
of central importance)

Elaboration                            10%
(Draws clear conclusions from
information gathered)

Use of Language                    10%
(Shows over all clarity and fluency;
contains few mechanical errors)

Requirement policies

  1. Work that is illegible, nameless, dateless, or done in pencil will be thrown away.
  2. Every time you turn in something more than a page long, staple.  If you don’t, I’ll throw away the unattached pages and read (and grade) only the first page.
  3. This is only a guide.  I sometimes change things depending on a/the particular need of the class.  The most important thing to me is that you’re learning; I highly value student input.  Feel free to discuss any aspect of the class with me, on a scheduled time.
  4. I will be requiring you to submit every chapter of your paper at a time. Please take note of the deadlines. They will affect your grades.
  5. More often than not, major papers are to be computer-printed, double-spaced, in font size 12, Courier New, and aligned left. Specific format for the cover page will be given for every requirement.
  6. Use the proper format, and check your citations, notes, and appendices.  This is not optional.  Your thesis will be returned if it is not in the proper format and if you do not include your references.


  1. My deadlines are DEAD. If I say the deadline is Friday, it is Friday.
  2. Extensions? If you plan ahead, you should be able to do the work on time, but I’m mindful of the fact that Thesis Writing is not the only thing going on in your life.  It’s certainly better to get an extension (for extreme cases only) than resort to plagiarism (to which I am wholly unsympathetic).

Attendance Policies

  1. You’re responsible for your printed outputs, references, hand-outs, etc. Please do check them once in a while and counter check them after I returned them to you.
  2. I won’t answer queries asking something I’ve covered in class (due dates, etc.).
  3. If you miss class, it’s your responsibility to get handouts, info, etc. from another student.  I won’t be catching up students who miss class, regardless of the reason for their absence, and will not bring extra handouts from previous class sessions.  Checking my webpage designed solely for research will help you.
  4. If you’ve been showing up to class and doing the work, but feel lost or are uncertain about how you’re doing, please let me know ASAP so we can meet and talk about it.  I’m here to help you become a better writer and finish your thesis, and am always willing to put in extra time to assist any students who want it—whether they’re getting 1.0 or an 5.0.
  5. No make-up assignments are allowed for the first two absences, whatever the reason. If there are more than two absences, make up assignments may be considered only for extreme cases but verification is necessary.

Class Conduct

  1. While in class, I expect that you will be respectful of those around you and of those speaking in front of the class. This includes listening quietly (no side conversations or loud noises) and refraining from reading non-related materials during class.
  2. You are expected to arrive to class on time and to stay for the duration of the class.
  3. Please turn off cell phones (or put them in Silent Mode) and close your laptops unless you are taking class notes. Please act accordingly.

Academic Integrity

  1. Cheating?  You’ll get 5.0 on that output, and I will report every plagiarism case.
  2. Students are expected to turn in original work and to cite quotes and referenced materials appropriately in their written assignments. To protect yourself from inadvertent plagiarism in this course, it is recommended that you consult the use of the APA Manual of Style.

Research Consultation

  1. The researcher has all the right to subject himself for free consultation, provided that necessary arrangements are made.

David, Fely P. 2005. Understanding and doing research: A handbook for beginners. Panorama Printing, Inc. Iloilo City, Philippines


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